Yarn prices are relatively stable and persistent

Update date:2018-11-27

In recent days, the yarn market as a whole is relativel […]

In recent days, the yarn market as a whole is relatively cold and adhere to each other interwoven, recently due to the approaching Spring Festival, and the early big ups and downs, downstream weaving plants have been down, especially large round machine, the actual consumption of the market is less, light main guide, but because of the recent upstream raw material prices stable and strong mainly, and some market participants local stock, yarn prices are also strong mainly, cotton yarn, pure polyester yarn is relatively calm mainstream.

First, cotton yarn: the recent cotton yarn market, although cotton prices remain stable, the spot market mainland 329 grade cotton mainstream price of about 27,500 yuan / ton, but its market sales are basically few, cold and difficult to change, price consolidation, factory shipping-oriented, yarn factory has early holiday plans. According to some factory office staff reflect: "now the actual digestion of the purchase of almost no, and the price is still higher, so that the mid- and lower-downstream years before the confidence is also small, the market has been relatively light, few transactions." Now Shaoxiao area cotton yarn 21S mainstream 33000 yuan / ton, 32S knitting mainstream price of about 34500 yuan / ton, lower 33500 yuan / ton, 32S high with the mainstream price of 36,000 yuan / ton, about 32S comb mainstream price 39000-40000 yuan / ton, 40S comb mainstream 42,000 yuan / ton left right, 60S comb mainstream 51500-52000 yuan / ton or so. After the market forecast: from the current cotton market, the market will not be large before the basic movement, to stabilize the central market-based volatility. And for the cotton yarn market, the market sales basically into the end, light mainly, the middle and lower reaches of the market because of higher prices, but also the basic action is not obvious, and next week to start some yarn factory has holiday plans, for this year cotton yarn market will continue to consolidate mainly.

Second, pure polyester yarn: the recent pure polyester yarn market is relatively OK, the price rebounded again, manufacturers shipped good, inventory decline, mainly crude 32S-based. Now Shao Xiao market 32S weaving mainstream price of 18500-18600 yuan / ton, knitting mainstream 19,000 yuan / ton, compared to mid-December 17300-17500 yuan / ton, lower about 17,000 yuan / ton, The increase in 1000 yuan / ton or more, 50S mainstream 21000 yuan / ton, and relatively neutral and small market general, 16S mainstream 15000 yuan / ton, 32S mainstream 16300 yuan / ton. For the pure polyester yarn market again rise, its key is the recent upstream raw material polyester short fiber market price steadily rising, the current Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4D x 38mm polyester short fiber mainstream central price has been about 12700 yuan / ton, compared to the mid-to-late December cumulative increase has been about 600 yuan / ton, and polyester short fiber market rise, corresponding to the pure polyester yarn factory reasons. Its outer is near the Spring Festival, the middle and lower reaches of the market in the buy up do not buy down the heart under the influence, there are local stock appearance, correspondingly make the manufacturer inventory significantly reduced, so the yarn factory prices strong bottom gas reappeared. Post-market forecast: the current situation from polyester short fiber to see the overall temporary or stable shock adhere to the situation, but the relative momentum is not obvious. And pure polyester yarn market temporarily in recent days manufacturers inventory decline, to a certain extent stable in the standoff led, but sales are expected to be flat.

Third, people cotton yarn: the overall sales atmosphere of the people cotton yarn market in recent days compared to the previous slightly better, but still not obvious, some people are somewhat cautious, merchants purchase obviously not big, mainly we feel that the price is still high, not through the yarn factory price stability adhere to continue, inventory basically slipped, is now Shaoxiao market 30S knitting mainstream price 30500-310 00 yuan / ton, 30S weaving mainstream price 29500 yuan / ton left right, 30S/2 knitting mainstream 32000 yuan / ton, 40S knitting mainstream 32,000 yuan / ton, compared to the mid-December increase in 500-1000 yuan / ton. The stable price of human cotton yarn is strong, it is mainly upstream raw materials viscose short fiber market support, the overall price stability in the trend of adhere to the recent viscose short fiber 1.5 x 38mm mainstream price of 25200-25500 yuan / ton, compared to slightly in 500 yuan / ton or so upward, and plus the market some years ago stocking heart, yarn factory shipping better.

After the market forecast: recently viscose short fiber market relative to the high cotton and manufacturers under the edge of the loss, price stability adhere to the main, but obviously as still insufficient, and the human cotton yarn market due to high prices, market caution-led, sales flat, but to a certain extent upstream raw materials adhere to support, temporary price stability in the standoff mainly.